**BUGBUG** XMLScreen.Field is blank

Feb 17, 2011 at 12:28 PM

Hi Folks,

After having successfully resolved my issues with "port 23 already in use", I want to sumbit you a bug.

Here is the code:


TNEmulator emulator = new TNEmulator ();
emulator.Audit = this;
emulator.Debug = true;
emulator.Config.TermType = "IBM-3278-2-E";
emulator.Config.FastScreenMode = true;
emulator.Connect ("myhost", 8123, "MYLU");
emulator.WaitForText (1, 1, "WELCOME", 5000);

And here is the console content


OnReceiveData : SocketStream.BeginRead called to read asyncronously
--connectedRefresh::Refresh(True, 40000). FastScreenMode=True
Refresh::Acquire(40000 milliseconds). unsafe Count is currently 1
Refresh::return true at line 279
CurrentScreenXML reloading by calling GetScreenAsXML()
XMLScreen:Render: **BUGBUG** XMLScreen.Field is blank

I think I found a bug, any idea? :)