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The WinFXDeveloper TN3270 library provides a high level API to connect to mainframe 3270 sessions from a Microsoft .NET application.

Key features include

  • Support for TN3270 and TN3270E from all Microsoft .NET applications (VB.NET and C#)
  • Support for formatted and unformatted screens
  • Support for multiple LUs and connections that require a specific LU to be specified
  • Support for unlimited TN3270 connections from a single application
  • Support for ASP.NET and WinForms applications
  • 100% Managed Microsoft .NET 3270 emulation
  • Support for multiple LUs, formatted and unformatted screens and most 3270 "bugs".
  • Coded entirely in C#, with overlapped I/O replacing the frequently used multi-threaded server approach to 3270 connectivity, this library is extremely efficient and lightweight, suitable both for WinForms applications as well as ASP.NET server applications

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