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Sample WPF Application Using IBM-3278-4-E or IBM-3278-5-E


I am trying to run the WPF application using wide screen (132x27) mode for terminal types IBM-3278-4-E and IBM-3278-5-E and I have found some issues:
  1. The connection becomes an ANSI connection. Not sure if this is ok but pressing left, right, up and down keys result in the ANSI codes being displayed on the WPF application.
  2. Every time the screen changes, it does not entirely replace the previous texts. For instance, some texts from previous screens are still showing in patches with the texts from the current screen.
  3. Question: will this work when later when the resolution changes to 132x27 as right now, I am still in the 80x24 part of the system.
Thanks for looking into this.